Iringa Region, Tanzania
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He is currently the Managing Director at WATABE DIGITAL, a Tanzanian professional firm based in Iringa Regional. The firm’s service spectrum includes but is not limited to Digital Marketing and Branding, Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design & Development, Content Writing, System Designing & Development, Domain Registration & Website Hosting, Web Security, SSL and Site lock protection, Email Marketing, Consultancy and Support. He worked with different Development Agencies including CHABO AFRICA SAFARI, TATANCA SAFARIS & TOURS, IRINGA SUNSET HOTEL, DORCORP INVESTMENT, TANGANYIKA PRODUCTION, IRINGA LUTHERAN CENTRE, MOUNT ROYAL VILLA HOTEL, HARMONY PRE & PRIMARY SCHOOL, GREEN VALLEY SAFARI & TOURS, MASOKO TOURS, AIR TANZANIA, IRINGA BAKERY, ANGEL NATURAL JUICE, STRATHWISE CONSULITING, LUMILO CLASSIC HOTEL, GENTLE HILLS HOTEL, on various assignments. He has quite a solid understanding of Digital Marketing, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization and Project management. Prior to setting up the firm in 2018, Erick worked with DUDUMIZI Technology (a web hosting company based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania as an Internship student and during that period he was assign to preform several tasks includes but not limited to Michongo Assistant Product Manager, Client Website Creation, Search Engine Optimization. Further to over three years of working experience with WATABE DIGITAL, and a firm foundation of Digital Marketing from Software Engineering, Establishing Effective Partnerships, Planning for Monitoring & Evaluation, Managing Technical Professionals, Strategic Thinking, Unconscious Bias, How to Get a Great Customer Services, Pitching Yourself and Project Management. Additional to the above experience, Erick has a firm foundation and understanding of working with both Startup, medium and Larger Firm. Erick has always been a value-driven expert who wears management shoes and imagines the future of his clients prior to providing any advice and services. He has helped various businesses and organizations to realize value from their operations and set standards which enhance prosperity and sustainability. As a managing Director, his door is always open for inquiries.

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