Omary Mwaimu       
Lindi Region, Tanzania
2020-04-09 15:40:17

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About Me

Omary Mwaimu has over ten years of experience working directly with communities focusing on entrepreneurial mindset development and sustainable rural development through mind-set changing campaign while imparting entrepreneurial philosophy and agribusiness skills to the rural population. Passionate about empowering and supporting entrepreneurial individuals and organized groups on social and economic development particularly in the areas of project management, resource mobilization, enterprising, and agribusiness. Wide experience in working with Development partners, Business Associations, Non-state actors and member-based business organizations on economic, social and agri-economic development projects including value chain development, dialogue, policy advocacy, business environment issues and lobbying in Tanzania. He co-founded AMSHA Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship and currently serving as an Executive Director of the company. AMSHA provides Agri-Business Development Services (BDS) to rural population. Mwaimu skilled in Economics, Sustainable development and project planning, he holds a Post-graduate diploma in Sustainable Business and Responsible Leadership from Swedish Institute - Sweden, also a Bachelor degree in Economics from Ardhi University - Tanzania.



Project: AMSHA Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship