Novatus Igosha       
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
2018-12-20 14:30:36

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About Me

I Novatus Igosha, is exceptionally well organised, with a diverse and inclusive perspective that demonstrates self motivation, creativity to achieve goals and objectives of my clients. I am a broad based experienced English translator, and free lance writer based in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. I have amassed broad based experience to work with the International community in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, as Programme officer for Japan International Cooperation agency Tanzania(JICA Tanzania) and the VSO as political analyst for the year 2015. I have excellent analytical, verbal and written communication skills, been hired as an English Translator for the resident Magistrate's court of Dar es Salaam at Kisutu, Temeke Resident Magistrate Court, the High Court of Tanzania, assisting the courts in translation of court sessions where one of the parties is a native English speaker, or uses English as his/her first language. I have assisted the courts defense advocates, in the diction, and interpretation of first English accents, assisted the clients in translation of Swahili to English and legal interpretation. I have been hired temporarily by the African Court at Arusha for the updating of its data base following my exceptional communication skills. I am an Individual who can meet my deadlines, for all Legal Consultancy, capable to give Legal opinion, write effective demand note/Letters following my effective knowledge as a Lawyer, skilled in application of common law principles, International law, commercial law and other municipal laws within the Jurisdiction of Tanzania legal forums. I am an Individual who has translated documents, can translate written volumes from Swahili to English, or English to Swahili at the International standard, and meet my client's deadline but exceed the expectations. I have excellent ability to write articles, particularly geopolitical, legal and International affairs, cross cutting the political economies of the globe. I am a talented dilettante in International affairs, diplomacy and political analysis, and can do such analysis . My writings have had the recognition of reputable standard press newspapers, Including the famous Habari Leo Newspaper that had requested my English written article from my Facebook account to be translated into Swahili and get published in the February 20th 2018 issue. I have been awarded certificate of global leadership by the cabinet office of the government of Japan 2014. I have participated in the symposium of the responsibility to protect and awarded certificate by the World Federation of United Nations Associations, Nairobi Kenya 2008. I am an individual who believes in diversity and inclusion perspective, to achieve goals and objectives. I have the experience to liaise with Tanzanian government officials, whilst at JICA, so for official channel consultation i can provide insightful explanation for business activities in Tanzania, having liaised with KOICA, USAID, JICA, UNV officials. I am an honest and trustworthy individual that can be a confidante and maintain ethical behavior with someone's trust, confidentiality and expectation. For a foreigner and or International dignitary who needs consultation, language translations, opinion i am available, including transportation within the city of Dar es Salaam in a standard Sedan being provided. I am exceptionally well organised, experienced and humble person. I have worked for Japan International Cooperation Agency, as a Programme officer 2013-2015 Dar es Salaam Resident Magistrate court at Kisutu as a translator 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 respectively. High Court of Tanzania Dar es Salaam Registry as a translator 2016 Temeke Resident Magistrate's Court as a translator 2015-2016. African Court as a translator(data base updating and document translation) 2018 Currently i am a free lancer English translator, Free lance Writer, Political analyst and Legal opinion writer, and consultant. A lawyer n car hire who lives in Dar es Salaam.