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Create a team of more than one freelancer / remote worker to work on your project e.g a front and backend developer, designer and a copywriter. invite freelancers to join your team.

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Live message chat with your freelancer or your remote team to give a brief about the project or get updates from the freelancer or your remote team.

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Manage Projects & Tasks

Manage your projects on a go. Assign tasks to your freelancer or remote team member and receive updates in real time.

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Exchange files with individual freelancer or with your remote team in a group
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Pay your freelancers and your remote team securely through worknasi plus. Don’t pay outside worknasi plus platform to avoid scammers

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Client’s experience

Tracy Mwangi

I have had a great and amazing experience working with one of the best talented creative designers from Tanzania. The dashboards made it so easy and seamless to communicate with the freelancer regardless of the fact we are both resided in different countries.

Naike Moshi

There is no way we could have accomplished some of the tasks and get the business going had we not worked with some of the best freelancers from Worknasi. We trusted them with works which we had no in-house personnel and they delivered the best results.

Nabiry J. Jumanne

Globally we are in a very fast-moving economy, and I think shared services are the only way out. Through Worknasiplus freelancers we managed to work on different projects remotely.

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